Summary of Budget for the period 2016-17


Particulars Budget estimate for the financial year(2016-17) Opening balance (Cash & Bank balance) 10000000 Add : Revenue Receipts 539052600 Capital Receipts 406100000 Total 955152600 Less: Revenue Expenditure 430850575 Capital Expenditure 512350000 Closing Balance 11952025 Total 955152600

Self Help Group Training Camp


On 28th November 2016 Haldia Municipality organized a training camp with all Self Helf Group leaders under Haldia Municipal area. Chairman, Shri Deba Prasad Mondal and Executive Officer of Haldia Municipality chaired this meeting. Shri Deba Prasad Mondal highlights the objectives of the self help group and also told how our society can get benefited … [Read more…]

Mr. Craig L. Hall


Mr. Craig L. Hall Hon’ble Consul General Kolkata will be visiting Haldia Municipality on 15.03.2016. He will also pay visit to a Group of Companies.