Conservancy and Sanitation


Conservation and several of our partners recognize that water, poverty and environment are interconnected and that the long-term sustainability of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services depends on the health of the entire basin.


For keeping your Municipality clean and garbage free, Municipality’s Conservancy Service is always at your doorstep. Right from bucket service to dislodging of septic Tank Municipality’s Conservancy Department is always on their toes to keep your surroundings habitable. For efficient scavenging and cleaning of all streets, public places and premises Haldia Municipality has a conservancy department engaged in cleaning of solid waste, Trade refuse, carcasses of dead animals, polluted matters, rubbish etc. In different parts of the city there are 65 No. of vats where the items referred to above are collected daily. There are two 709 , 1 dumper, 198 tri cycles, 17 hydraulic system auto and 2 compactor machines to collect these huge waste and these are dumps into site which is maintained by RAMKI. Almost 179 peoples are working regularly to process these wastes. For sanitation purpose there are two Cesspool cleaner 2 3000lt , 1700ltr . Both operate on a commercial basis

Hall Booking

Hall Booking of Haldia Municipality

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