A license-Inspector is there as the departmental in-charge. Enlistment certificates are being issued. Other tasks include issue of license to rickshaw pullers, van pullers, advertisers and others. The entire task is periodically supervised by the Executive Officer.


  • Maintenance of Municipal Vehicles
  • Supply of Water Tankers
  • Allotment of other vehicles


  • Maintenance, Implement, Public Service
  • Implementing New Technology to provide better service

Services Provided

  • Maintain all the vehicles, machine, and Vehicle Related job

Services Provided

  • Ambulance
  • Hearse Van
  • Water Supply as per demand
  • Garbage Trailer for Public Occasion

Contact Person with Designation

Afsarul Pathan, Vehicle-in-charge

Contact No.


Bill/Certificate/Receipt issued to the Public

  • Presentation of Rate
  • Collection of Tax by Receipt
  • Certificate given related to Tax Clearance, exemption etc.

Monitoring mechanism of Departmental Activities

  • At first collect information from Motor Vehicles Deptt. and also clear all your queries through the officer of this department.
  • Collect FORM from Front Office.
  • Deposit Cash at Cash Section.
  • Visit the Motor Vehicles Deptt. with the Money Receipt for confirmation of requirement.

Hall Booking

Hall Booking of Haldia Municipality

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