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Haldia is a Port based Industrial Town situated in Midnapore East District located between Latitude 22.03° N and Longitude 88.06° E, Elevation 8 Mtrs. (26 ft.). There is a River Haldi on South – West and River Hoogly on North East after meeting both the rivers at a point went straight to Bay of Bengal. It is in a temperate Zone with usual rainfall. The Geographical location of the area has attributed an opportunity to establish a Port here.

Haldia Municipality has a population of 2,00,827 (Male- 104841 & Female- 95986), Literacy rate is 88.54% according to 2011 Census. Haldia Municipality has total administration over 44065 Houses to which it supplies basic amenities. The total area of this Municipality is 109.65 Sq. Km. The average yearly rainfall is about 150 m.m. and the average humidity is about 70.83 %. The highest temperature is about 36°/37° Celsius while the lowest is about 12°/13°. Haldia is well connected with Kolkata, the capital of the state with roads (NH-47 & SH-4) and broad gauge railways. Digha Sea Beach is also well connected with Haldia by road and railways.

Now the city has been chosen by the Ministry of Urban Devlopment as one of the 98 Smart Cities in India. So, Haldia Municipality is preparing the Smart City Proposal (SCP) that will provide smart solutions to Urban Infrastructure Issues. Aspiration of citizen will be given top priority in making HALDIA a Smart City.

All citizens of Haldia are therefore requested to post their views and opinion pertaining to basis infrastructure such as Water Supply, Drainage and Sewage system, Strom water management, housing, amenities related to recreational activities , Information and Communication Technology in Municipal Services, non-motorised transport, Safety and Security for citizen etc.

It is essential to frame the vision of Haldia City with the aspiration of the citizen with a view to getting short listed in the Smart City challenge where 20 cities would be selected in the first year.

Let’s join together in making Haldia a Smart City.

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4. Then put your Opinion How to Make HALDIA Smart and what kind of project priority in your mind.

Category(The Top 3 Essays will be awarded as:)
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1st Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize 1st Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize
Winner is Rupam Bishayee Winner is Gopal Shaw Winner is Susovan Das Winner is Jishnu Samanta Winner is Madhusudhan Ghanti Winner is Prabuddha Das
Cash Incentive of Rs. 5000 /- (Five Thousand only). Cash Incentive of Rs. 3000 /- (Three Thousand only). Cash Incentive of Rs. 2000 /- (Two Thousand only). Cash Incentive of Rs. 25000 /- (Twenty five Thousand only). Cash Incentive of Rs. 15000 /- (Twenty Thousand only). Cash Incentive of Rs. 10000 /- (Fifteen Thousand only).
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General Section Total Participants -133
1. Suman Chandra Gayen . Durgachak Housing Mobile no.- 9836073153
2. Rats Mohammed Mondal. Mccpia Housing Complex Mobile no.-8101604454
3. Sovan Kumar Samanta. Brajanath Chak Mobile no.-9647311098
1. Pragya Pramatnik.Azad Hind Nagar Mobile no.-9474001284
2. Nipa Sil .Bra Janath Chak Mobile no.-8967585359
3. Goutam Koley .Bhabanipur, Maity More Mobile no.-7278665997
1. Suhrita Das . Brajanath Chak Mobile no.-9434462812
2. Arup Ghosh . Brajanath Chak Haldia Port,Yownship Mobile no.-9732782956
3. Madhusudan Ggnti.Natun Abasandurgachak Mobile no.-9434129209
1. Deba Prashad Mondal . Duragchak Colony,Haldia Mobile no.-9333363693
2. Gopal Adhikary . Hatiberia,Gandhinagar Mobile no.-9433252483
3. Amal Nayek. 96 Falguni, Sahid Khudiram Nagar Mobile no.-8900013693

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