Water Supply


The availability of water is a necessary pre-requisite to the overall development of any urban area. The adequacy of quality water has become an integral part of the sustainable development and planning process of it. The Geonkhali Water Treatment Plant was developed to fulfill those obvious reasons.


  • New Water Connections
  • Maintenance of Water Pipes
  • Maintenance of OH water tanks & Pumps
  • Collection of Water Levy


Purchase treated water from HDA , from Geokhali water treatment plant

  • To Lift ground water and supply to the consumers.

Services Provided

  • To Lift ground water and supply to the consumers.

Contact Person with Designation

Tarun Adhikary

Public Utility Service Provided

Through Hand Tube Wells and Street Stand Post

Bill/Certificate/Receipt issued to the Public

Water Tax Demand Bill

Performance/Achievement in last 3 Years of the Deptt.

  • New Deep Tube Well Sinking - 12 Nos. (Approx.)

Provision for 24X7 Water Supply in Haldia

A grand success of the Municipality that has been achieved through AMRUT is acquiring the Central Govt. approval on the project provide treated surface water (135 lpcd) to all wards of ULB in 24X7 pattern and to reduce the dependency on the already depleting ground water reserve to a considerable extent. The Project cost is Rs.246.02 Crores app. The project work is ongoing.

Monitoring mechanism of Departmental Activities

  • With the approval & recommendation of the higher authority and also the Assistant Engineer of this Department, services given by several employees (Mechanics Helper) in different areas of this Municipality to maintain the Pipelines, Hand Tube-well and also control and operate the works related to Pump House to maintain the water supply in the vicinity
Category Ratio
Population 2,00,827 (Year : 2011)
No. of House Connection 10,705
No. of Commercial Connection 62
No. of Pump Houses 9 Nos.
No. of Deep Tubewells 17 Nos.
No. of Hand Tubewells 762 Nos.
No. of Stand Post 1200 Nos.
Length of Pipeline 35,000 Mtr.
Per Head Supply of Water 100 liter/day
Water tariffs Rs.24 per KL for non residential users.

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